Learn my freelancing lessons

I'm very proud of this e-book. 

As I should be. I spent over 300 hours writing it, sold over 2.000 copies and have gotten raving reviews. People constantly DM me on LinkedIN showing me what they've done with tips from the book. 

An awesome reward for the hard work I've put in.

The e-book Super Freelancer contains tips, insights and strategies for freelancers looking to 1-up their business.

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So What's This Book About?

As a freelancer, every year, I challenged myself. Got more focussed. Grew my revenue. Leveled up my network. Added revenue models.

After ten years, I can safely claim to have achieved most of my ambitions as a freelancer.

I am happy to share my lessons with you. 

In about four to ten hours of reading time, you will discover knowledge that will help you to the next level as a freelancer.

What you can expect in this book:

  • How to lay the foundation for GROWTH.
  • How to market yourself (and how Nico got 72 leads on his FIRST day as a freelancer).
  • How to network EFFICIENTLY.
  • How to become ridiculously productive. Seriously. This is the biggest chapter and the key to success.
  • How to attract top clients and¬†turn them into FANS.
  • How to use your health to maximize your output. You'll also read how Alex went from burnout to running the Marathon des Sables and what this did for his business.
  • How to enrich your business with revenue models for EXTRA turnover.
  • How to build up your pension and¬†start getting¬†a payout NEXT MONTH.
  • Nine interviews with experts who have inspired me.

Take in the knowledge. And turn it into action.

If I can do it, so can you.

PS If you buy the ebook, you will get immediate access to the EPUB and PDF.

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The strength of the book lies in its pleasant readability, the completeness of the topics, and the honesty of the author. In addition, interviews and knowledge from other entrepreneurs, are also shared, which makes it more than just an autobiography.

- Dennis Pettinga

A very complete book for the starting self-employed / freelancer or anyone with an entrepreneurial dream.

- Claar Grooten

If you have freelancing ambitions, or even if you’re already a seasoned freelancer, check out this book! This book is jam packed with golden nuggets for freelancers so get your copy now.

- Miles McNair

The book regularly made me think, more than once I created a to-do for myself while reading to get started on something. The book also gave me a needed kick in the but when it comes to productivity. 

- Marloes Bovee

This year, I will be focusing on expanding my network, new assignments, and my own development.

- Leonoor Fischer

Read that book and immediately implement the tips. Then you'll gain an advantage over other freelancers who are still sleeping on it.

- Frank Bruin

Buy Now For $35

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